D-Star ONE – Second Birth!

10. Januar 2018

Project Phoenix

Today is a big day for German Orbital Systems GmbH (GOS) and iSky Technology s.r.o. (iSky). The 10th of January 2018 will go down in the history of the GOS and iSky companies as the day of the D-Star ONE satellite revival! German Orbital Systems review of 2017 >> On November 28, 2017 we lost […]

German Orbital Systems review of 2017

9. Januar 2018

Launch of Soyuz-2.1a rocket with the Fregat upper stage, July 14th 2017 © Roscosmos

This year was full of new experiences, contacts and achievements for our company. Here is a brief recap of German Orbital Systems’ activities in 2017 with some highlights on our plans for 2018. The most important proof of our capabilities is our flight-proven hardware. In 2017 German Orbital Systems participated in two space launches from […]

Interview with Walter Ballheimer for Co-Founder Magazine

11. Dezember 2017

Walter Ballheimer talked with Co-Founder Magazine author Valerie Vlasenko about space business and what it takes to start-up a space company. Read more in article „GAINS AND PAINS OF BEING SPACE ENTREPRENEUR IN EUROPE“ >> German Orbital Systems is a Berlin-based New Space Company. It was founded in 2014 by the former scientific staff of […]

D-Star ONE launch on Soyuz failed

29. November 2017

The launch of Soyuz-2

We are sorry to announce that on November 28, 2017 the launch of the Roscosmos Federal State Corporation meteorological satellite Meteor-M №2-1 with a cluster of 18 small satellites failed. The Soyuz-2 /Fregat launch system has failed to inject the Meteor-M №2-1 SC with a cluster of smallsats, including D-Star ONE, into the target orbit. […]

Radioamateur Competition Announcement

25. November 2017

Tests of D-Star-One

D-Star ONE launch is coming – in three days the first private German CubeSat, designed and built by German Orbital Systems will be delivered to orbit by Soyuz launch vehicle from Vostochny launch site. That’s why today we announce a competition dedicated to this event for all the radio amateurs worldwide. The winner will be […]

German Orbital Systems and iSky Technology ready to launch D-Star ONE

22. November 2017

From the 6th to the 20th of November, at the Vostochny launch site (Tsiolkovsky, Amur Oblast, Russia), the teams of German Orbital Systems GmbH (GOS) and iSky Technology s.r.o. (iSky) conducted final preflight checkout procedures of the D-Star ONE SC subsystems and telecommunication modules. All tests were completed successfully. Based on the results GOS and […]

D-Star ONE technical details for radio amateurs

7. November 2017

The final tests of the D-Star One small satellite

To answer most of the questions we get from the community, we will try to explain some of the basic functionality of the D-Star ONE communication systems. A more complete tutorial will be uploaded on this website shortly after launch and LEOP. But for those who want to receive the first beacon, the following details […]

Successful final tests of the D-Star One small satellite

31. Oktober 2017

The final tests of the D-Star One small satellite

German Orbital Systems and iSky Technology companies completed successfully the final tests of the D-Star One small satellite’s systems and arranged its shipment to the launch site. The tests were performed to verify radio uplink and downlink, D-Star modules, antenna deployment mechanism. After testing the satellite was integrated into the flight CubeSat dispenser. D-Star One […]

German Orbital Systems at Space Tech Expo 2017

German Orbital Systems at Space Tech Expo 2017

Last week the representatives of German Orbital Systems, Daria Stepanova and Ilja Skrypnyk, have visited the Space Tech Expo in Bremen. The expo connected the spacecraft, satellite, launch vehicle providers, brings together industry leaders, decision makers, engineers. The event was great for gathering important contacts, providers, and customers. German Orbital Systems also had a presentation […]

German Orbital Systems CEO talked about CubeSats with Students

23. Oktober 2017

Walter Ballheimer / German Orbital Systems GmbH

German Orbital Systems GmbH CEO Walter Ballheimer talked with Russian Students about CubeSats during his lecture at Amur State University. The meeting was organized as part of the educational program of Russian Federal Space Agency Roscosmos. Report of Russia24 >> German Orbital Systems is a Berlin based New Space Company. It was founded in 2014 by […]

Smallsat market forecast to exceed $30 billion in coming decade

10. August 2017

Microsatellite components

French consultancy Euroconsult forecasts that significant expansion in terms of capabilities and demand is underway in the smallsat market. More than 6,200 smallsats are to be launched in the next 10 years, with the market value expected to reach up to $30.1 billion, compared with $8.9 billion in the previous decade, according to a report […]

GOS and iSky Technology will launch first LEO communication CubeSat in the end of 2017

9. August 2017

Satellite of German Orbital Systems

German Orbital Systems GmbH (Berlin, Germany) works on the development of small satellites’ constellation for the D-Star communication on LEO orbit, the constellation will consist of 3U CubeSats. This project is implemented in partnership with iSky Technology s.r.o. (Prague, Czech Republic). The first satellite called «D-Star One» is designed for technology demonstration with two D-Star […]

Article about German Orbital Systems in Süddeutsche Zeitung

„A start-up from Berlin is manufacturing satellites so small, that space is now affordable for many companies…“ The article of one of the most influential German newspaper tells about current projects of German Orbital Systems GmbH. Full text of the article you can read here>>

German Orbital Systems DCSM unit worked flawlessly during Kanopus-V-IK launch

14. Juli 2017

Launch of Soyuz-2.1a rocket with the Fregat upper stage, July 14th 2017 © Roscosmos

July 14th, 2017 Soyuz-2.1a rocket with a Fregat upper stage launched Kanopus-V-IK Earth observation satellite for Russian Sate Space Corporation  Roscosmos (Roscosmos) from Baikonur launch site, Kazakhstan. The primary payload and seventy two secondary payloads of a smallsat cluster were successfully deployed  into three different target orbits during one mission. The unique  cluster of 72 […]

Workshop at Airbus Safran Launchers

1. Juni 2017

Participants of the Workshop of German Orbital Systems

Recently German Orbital Systems received the request from Airbus Safran Launchers to organize the workshop on New Space approach to space system development, showing which things New and Old Space have in common while emphasizing the differences. As a result, the workshop was conducted from May 15th to May 19th at Sindringen & Forchtenberg consisting […]

Launch campaign for „Soyuz“: maiden flight for our DCSM unit!

25. Mai 2017

A Soyuz rocket will launch Kanopus-V-IK infrared Earth observation satellite for Roscosmos July 14th 2017. In total, 77 satellites will be launched on Kanopus-V-IK mission. A reliable Soyuz-2 launcher with a unique Fregat upper stage will ensure injection of the primary payload and smallsats into 3 different orbits. Such flexibility can’t be found in any […]

Report about German Orbital Systems on N-TV

22. April 2017

The German television news channel n-tv came to make a report about activities of German Orbital Systems GmbH. CEO Walter Ballheimer has spoken about small satellites and their role in the future of spaceflight. The full Video-Interview you can watch here>>  

12 April – International Day of Human Space Flight

12. April 2017

Today is International Day of Human Space Flight! 56 years ago Soviet citizen Yuri Gagarin defied gravity and performed orbital spaceflight. This event paved the way for the humanity to the stars. Spaceflight has significantly evolved since 1961, giving unprecedented benefits to humankind. Global telecommunications, omnipresent navigation field, imagery allowing us to save lives, feed […]

German Orbital Systems has been listed among “most interesting Space startups in Germany”

14. März 2017

March 14-15, 2017 Berlin hosts the second Disrupt Space conference bringing the most promising space startups to meet with top investors and executives. This two-day event is fueled with business meetings, inspiring keynotes and hands on activities to foster collaboration towards building a sustainable space economy. German Orbital Systems actively participates this event. In fact, […]