We provide a broad range of turnkey solutions for space missions, satellite components and consulting services

Since 2014 German Orbital Systems plays an active role in Germanys NewSpace landscape. By providing solid engineering, uncompromised quality and affordable prices, German Orbital Systems has claimed a place among Europe's leading NewSpace companies.

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Working process

new space philosophy

German Orbital Systems platforms are based on the “new space” philosophy, maximizing the utilization of building block system of COTS components. Depending on the requirements of the customer and payloads, corresponding platform subsystems are selected from the German Orbital Systems portfolio or procured from a network of partner companies.

German Orbital Systems platform design approach guarantees the maximum value for the customer within the boundary conditions of a shared satellite mission and its optimal costs.

Working process
German Orbital Systems platform

Design Approach

German Orbital Systems platform design approach guarantees the maximum value for the customer within the boundary conditions of a shared satellite mission and its optimal costs

  • Software defined core

    Digitally controlled converters and switches in redundant configurations

  • Modularity

    Accommodation of 20 small PCB-based payloads up to a 4U payload block

  • Advanced operations

    Autonomous Scheduler optimizes the payload duty cycle to deliver maximum possible value for each payload

  • Flexible payload handling

    Each payload has access to a dedicated Interface Controller chip which can run user defined scripts

  • Optional add-ons

    Double deployable solar panels, supplementary attitude sensors

6 months

This agile approach makes it possible to execute satellite missions within a very short period;
within 6 months from contract signature, the satellite can be ready for launch.

German Orbital Systems platforms

3U platform


D-STAR ONE Platform

TRL9 – flight heritage

Active/passive AOCS, 1.5-2U free space, S band for data downlink, Up to 24W power.

6U platform


RAVEN Platform

TRL9 – flight heritage

Active AOCS, 4U free space, X / S band for data downlink, Up to 72W power

16U platform


SLOT Platform

TRL7 – Engineering model developed and tested

Active AOCS, 8U free space, X band for data downlink, Up to 164W power, Propulsion module

Possible application

German Orbital Systems is offering 3 - 12U platforms for a wide range of basic applications

Earth Observation

Student Projects

Scientific Experiments



Key features of the platform include

Low cost and short lead time

Late delivery of payload for integration possible

Flexible design that easily adapts to customer needs

Deployable Arrays and propulsion options available

meet the requirements of all customers

German Orbital Systems has never been just “another” CubeSat manufacturer. From the very beginning we have focused on standardizing and harmonizing our internal processes instead of attempting to build multifunctional general-purpose hard- and software to meet the requirements of all potential customers at once. As a consequence, our systems remain adaptable and can be easily tailored to specific customer requirements even if those change during the project.

  • We focus on customers, who are envisioning their first tech demo or aim to launch a small constellation.
  • We are an ideal match for clients, who have novel, non-standard payloads and pursue innovative and unusual business ideas. Our approach allows us to offer tailored solutions at standard product costs.
  • We help our customers to de-risk the first steps on the way to commercial viability and to accelerate their progress.
3U groove platform
meet groove

10 users 1 bus

Sharing the resources of the 3U CubeSat between up to 10 users reduces the costs by an order of magnitude. The main purpose of the 3U GROOVE platform is to be a Proof-of-Concept in order to attract potential customers and to demonstrate feasibility while collecting valuable feedback for subsequent improvements.

experience based services

As a consequence, our turnkey missions consist of all required segments. We offer special bundles, including space and launch segment.

Mission design


Years of heritage

Assembly and testing


Years on the market



Satellites launched



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