GOS and Scanway aim for a joint Moon Mission

28. April 2019

Today we are happy to announce, that German Orbital System and Scanway, a NewSpace company from Wroclaw, Poland, have signed a Letter of Intent in the framework of the European SpaceTech Transfer Forum in Warsaw to work towards a joint CubeSat mission into the orbit of the moon. Scanway develops cutting edge multispectral payloads for […]

Contact Established: D-Star ONE Sparrow and iSat successfully launched!

27. December 2018

Today, D-Star ONE Sparrow and D-Star ONE iSat have been successfully launched as part of an ECM smallsat cluster on the Soyuz-2/Fregat from the Vostochny launch site (Russia). During the first orbits, beacons were received in the US, Germany, Czech Republic and Belarus, confirming the successful separations of the satellites on their target orbit 585 […]

D-Star ONE Sparrow and iSAT ready for Launch!

24. December 2018

The launch team of German Orbital Systems performed the final pre-flight tests of the D-Star ONE Sparrow and iSat satellites directly at the Vostochny launch site. Among other tests, reception of ADS-B signals as well as diverse Beacon modes of the D-Star transceiver were tested and confirmed to be nominal. Final software updates were performed […]

German Orbital Systems usher in a new era for satellite services with bold ‘launch now – pay later’ scheme

15. December 2018

Berlin, Germany – December 15, 2018. German Orbital Systems (GOS) is changing the status-quo of what small satellite customers have come to expect from the NewSpace industry. In a groundbreaking move meant to broaden opportunities, and in cooperation with the ECM Space (ECM), GOS will only request payment once the GOS manufactured and launched satellite […]

Results for German Orbital Systems from IAC 2018

15. October 2018

German Orbital Systems participated IAC 2018, that took place in Bremen, October 1st– 5th. The event was very productive to us, proving that IAC remains one of the most interesting events for the space startup. We exhibited our products jointly with our traditional partner – ECM Space Technologies Our participation in IAC resulted in more […]

SGAC-Argentina, GOS and ECM sign Memorandum of Understanding

13. September 2018

Space Generation Advisory Council (SGAC) – Argentina and German companies German Orbital Systems (GOS) and ECM Space Technologies (ECM) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on August 27, 2018 with the aim of collaborating on development of space capabilities in Argentina with particular focus on small satellite technologies. With this MoU the partners agree […]

German Orbital Systems at 4S symposium 2018

7. June 2018

4S symposium 2018

Last week German Orbital Systems participated in the traditional 4S (Small Satellites Systems and Services) Symposium which took place at Sorrento, Italy this year. With the topic “Small satellites beyond boundaries” participants were involved in discussions about small satellites utilisation for missions, which were using larger spacecraft before. The programme included technical sessions dedicated to […]

German Orbital Systems jointly with Space Structures intends to design the best solar panel for CubeSats on a market

17. May 2018

Solar panel for CubeSats

German Orbital Systems and Space Structures join their efforts to develop, design, build and fly the most advanced solar panel for CubeSat-class small satellites on the market. The project entitled “ELSA-CS” is backed by “Investitionsbank Berlin (IBB)”. “We believe that our new panel will enlarge the area of applications for CubeSats. Currently, the available platform […]

German Orbital Systems introduces new service GROOVE

27. April 2018

Project Groove

German Orbital Systems introduces a service for on orbit verification of space hardware and experiments – GROOVE. The innovative business model is based on German Orbital Systems 3U CubeSat platform, allowing quick and easy integration of customer hardware into satellite, giving the possibility to send hardware or experiments to space in an unprecedentedly easy, straightforward, […]

Aerospace accelerators: jumping over the valley of death

19. March 2018

aerospace startups

Director of Corporate Affairs and Public Relations of German Orbital Systems Ivan Kosenkov for Arctic Startup Startup world is cruel one. The statistics is clear enough – 90% of startups die prematurely. The rate is even higher for hardware startups. Not to mention that aerospace industry is even more specific with high entry barriers, high […]

D-Star ONE Phoenix Satellite Successful Launch

5. February 2018

D-Star ONE Phoenix Satellite

German Orbital Systems GmbH (GOS) and iSky Technology s.r.o. (iSky) are happy to inform you about the successful launch of the D-Star ONE Phoenix satellite launched as a part of the ECM Launch Services GmbH (ECM) smallsat cluster of 9 satellites on the 1st of February, 2018. ECM smallsat cluster was launched from the Vostochny […]

Announcement of a new radioamateur competition

31. January 2018

D-Star One Phoenix

D-Star ONE Phoenix is on the launch pad and waiting for take off. As we did for D-Star ONE, today we also announce a small competition dedicated to this event for all the radio amateurs worldwide. The winner will be awarded a unique gift package from German Orbital Systems which will be shipped worldwide, as […]

D-Star ONE Phoenix – Final Preparations

25. January 2018

Phoenix Integration

We would like to announce that the teams of German Orbital Systems GmbH (GOS) and iSky Technologies s.r.o. (iSky) have finished the prelaunch preparation of the D-Star ONE Phoenix 3U CubeSat. All satellite systems are operating normally and a joint decision to integrate the SC into the deployer was taken.   GOS and iSky teams […]

D-Star ONE – Second Birth!

10. January 2018

Project Phoenix

Today is a big day for German Orbital Systems GmbH (GOS) and iSky Technology s.r.o. (iSky). The 10th of January 2018 will go down in the history of the GOS and iSky companies as the day of the D-Star ONE satellite revival! German Orbital Systems review of 2017 >> On November 28, 2017 we lost […]

German Orbital Systems review of 2017

9. January 2018

This year was full of new experiences, contacts and achievements for our company. Here is a brief recap of German Orbital Systems’ activities in 2017 with some highlights on our plans for 2018. The most important proof of our capabilities is our flight-proven hardware. In 2017 German Orbital Systems participated in two space launches from […]

Interview with Walter Ballheimer for Co-Founder Magazine

11. December 2017

Walter Ballheimer talked with Co-Founder Magazine author Valerie Vlasenko about space business and what it takes to start-up a space company. Read more in article “GAINS AND PAINS OF BEING SPACE ENTREPRENEUR IN EUROPE” >> German Orbital Systems is a Berlin-based New Space Company. It was founded in 2014 by the former scientific staff of […]

D-Star ONE launch on Soyuz failed

29. November 2017

The launch of Soyuz-2

We are sorry to announce that on November 28, 2017 the launch of the Roscosmos Federal State Corporation meteorological satellite Meteor-M №2-1 with a cluster of 18 small satellites failed. The Soyuz-2 /Fregat launch system has failed to inject the Meteor-M №2-1 SC with a cluster of smallsats, including D-Star ONE, into the target orbit. […]

Radioamateur Competition Announcement

25. November 2017

Tests of D-Star-One

D-Star ONE launch is coming – in three days the first private German CubeSat, designed and built by German Orbital Systems will be delivered to orbit by Soyuz launch vehicle from Vostochny launch site. That’s why today we announce a competition dedicated to this event for all the radio amateurs worldwide. The winner will be […]

German Orbital Systems and iSky Technology ready to launch D-Star ONE

22. November 2017

Tests of D-Star-One

From the 6th to the 20th of November, at the Vostochny launch site (Tsiolkovsky, Amur Oblast, Russia), the teams of German Orbital Systems GmbH (GOS) and iSky Technology s.r.o. (iSky) conducted final preflight checkout procedures of the D-Star ONE SC subsystems and telecommunication modules. All tests were completed successfully. Based on the results GOS and […]

D-Star ONE technical details for radio amateurs

7. November 2017

The final tests of the D-Star One small satellite

To answer most of the questions we get from the community, we will try to explain some of the basic functionality of the D-Star ONE communication systems. A more complete tutorial will be uploaded on this website shortly after launch and LEOP. But for those who want to receive the first beacon, the following details […]