A unique selling point of German Orbital Systems is our capability to offer turnkey solutions, meaning a fully functional satellite in combination with a launch campaign. If required by the customer, we also offer a compatible ground station. Consequently, we take care of the complete space-, launch- and ground-segment of the mission and provide active support during the LEOP phase of the mission. Our portfolio includes multiple types of satellites, which are suitable for a variety of tasks. We are constantly working on improving our products and on expanding our portfolio.

  • We divide our solutions according to the kind of the required separation system in two classes. The highly integrated and standardized CubeSats are deployed from so called container-type separation systems which cover the complete spacecraft. Bigger microsatellites are usually separated using separation-ring systems, therefore being “naked” on the LV-fairing. The design of these two satellite types is driven by completely different requirements.
    The main advantage of a CubeSat in comparison to other satellite classes is the separation system. It is a closed container, which is opened in the destination orbit. The satellite is then ejected with a spring. This approach protects the launch vehicle from a mechanical failure of the satellite during the launch. This lowers the qualification requirements and allows launch service providers to offer unbureaucratic and short term launch opportunities for such satellites. Unfortunately, the mass of the separation system rises with the size of the CubeSat. Our calculations show, that the container approach starts being uneconomic from a size of 16U. This is where we see the border between CubeSats and Microsatellites.
    If a task can not be solved with a CubeSat, more complex and powerful systems have to be chosen. This is especially the case if high ground resolutions are required, which only big telescopes can provide. Depending on the required performance of the remote sensing payload, we offer two types of satellite busses which build the base for the turnkey mission. Both platforms share most important parts of the on-board electronics and are both based on the experience and know-how from the highly successful TUBSAT programme of the TU Berlin.
    Our mission is to find the optimal solution for every customer. Our diverse product portfolio allows for offering exactly the needed performance at a market-transforming price.

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