The CubeSat standard is the origin of the New Space Boom of the last years and miniaturization is one of its key design drivers. Nevertheless, the decreasing launch prices, mostly due to the active participation of new competitors in the launch service market, are slowly changing the paradigms in the new space sector, leading away from miniaturization. While formerly wide-spread 1U formats are becoming rare, there is a strong trend towards 3U- and 6U-solutions. The 3U format can be seen as the smallest elementary particle in the market at the moment. The main reason for this development is the evolution of the separation systems. State-of-the-art separation systems, like the ECM CubeSat Dispenser, offer up to four slots for 3U satellites. These so called “quadpacks” can be configured to integrate 4 x 3U, 2 x 6U, 1 x 12U or even 2 x 3U + 1 x 6U CubeSats. ECM can also provide a 16U dispenser, configurable for the launch of 2 x 8U satellites. We have adjusted our product portfolio to be compatible with these new standards. Our CubeSats are:

  • Suitable for communication, remote sensing, and scientific experiments
  • Based on experience and know-how from TUBSAT and BEESAT programme of the TU-Berlin
  • Standard structures for 3U, 6U and 12U formats
  • Special structures for 1U, 2U, 8U and 16U
  • Includes our newest CubeSat subsystems
  • Complimented by state-of-the-art third party components
  • Active or passive attitude control possible
  • Short development time due to standardized MAIT procedures
  • Design Lifetime > 1 year

Our turnkey solutions include a wide range of services, which are always individually tailored to the customers needs.

  • Fully integrated satellite, tested on acceptance level
  • Ground station including assembly and commissioning
  • Guaranteed launch
  • Coaching of the operations team
  • Support during LEOP phase
  • Technical support during design lifetime

Upon request, we can extend our service to a full technology transfer program.

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