For applications, which can not be addressed with CubeSats, we offer our advanced microsatellite platforms. They are ideal for remote sensing missions, due to their capability to host larger payloads. The customer can choose between providing the payload himself, or taking advantage of the experience of our highly specialized European partners to purchase a payload, perfectly tailored to his individual needs.

Our microsatellites are based on the experience and the know-how from the highly successful TUBSAT programme of the TU Berlin due to our close cooperation with Prof. Dr. Udo Renner. Both satellite types, GOS-50 and GOS-100 share the majority of electronic components. The main differences are located inside the AOCS and the EPS. The GOS-100 bus can host more powerful payloads, which can reach sub metre resolution under certain circumstances. Our microsatellites are:

  • Suitable for high-resolution remote sensing
  • Based on experience from TUBSAT programme
  • Panchromatic resolutions of < 1m (GOS-100) and <3m (GOS-50) possible
  • Design lifetime > 2 years

Like with our CubeSats, our service package is always tailored to the customer’s requirements.

  • Fully integrated satellite, tested on acceptance level
  • Customers presence during acceptance testing
  • Ground station including assembly and commissioning
  • Guaranteed launch at a fixed price
  • Coaching of the operations team
  • Support during LEOP phase
  • Technical support during design lifetime

Upon request, we can extend our service to a full technology transfer program.

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