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Internet-of-Things is the next level of interconnectivity. By connecting everyday objects such as washing machines, refrigerators and home alarm systems to the internet, by enabling cars, ships, planes and even bicycles to communicate and exchange data with each-other, by allowing for 24/7 live monitoring of remote sensors and machinery – IoT is the next big thing.

Earth Observation

Being able to observe our planet from space always was one of the main motivations for building satellites. Prediction, and monitoring of natural disasters as well as early warning systems have made the life of millions of people a lot safer. Remote sensing data has revolutionized infrastructure and city planning activities and as a consequence enhanced the quality of life in urban areas.

Research & Science

While Space seems to be a hostile environment, it offers unique conditions, which are nowhere to be found on earth. Using these conditions to the benefit of science and technology can bring humanity a huge step forward. Ultimately, research in space is the key to a successful colonization of our solar system.


One satellite – 10 users


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GROOVE is your chance to send hardware or experiments to space in an unprecedentedly easy, straightforward, fast and cost effective way.

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Testing campaigns for space hardware

Before being launched into space, each system has to prove that it is compliant with the loads of the launch vehicle. This is a mandatory and very important procedure It typically involves several types of mechanical tests, thermal vacuum testing and sometimes acoustic and EMC testing. For the majority of CubeSat projects, acoustic testing and EMC can be omitted.


Continuous training is a key element of a sustainable strategy for success. In no other field is this as true as in the dynamic world of space technology. Regular coaching and training sessions are essential to keep up with developments......

On Orbit Verification as a Service

Satellites consist of a variety of subsystems and components. To cope with the needs of the users, developers must improve the capabilities of each new generation of a satellite bus by using new parts, components or subsystems. The steadily rising number of satellites being launched each year, accelerated by a strong competition and decreasing prices on the launch services market, creates a growing demand for new high-performance components and subsystems.

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German Orbital Systems

Since 2014 GOS plays an active role in Germanys NewSpace landscape. By providing solid engineering, uncompromised quality and affordable prices, GOS has claimed a place among Europe’s leading NewSpace companies.

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