German Orbital Systems is a young company which has set itself the objective of removing the angst from space technology by providing understandable, well-documented, and affordable products and services.

In spite of the best efforts of other companies, it is still the case that the construction and launch of a satellite requires a large amount of knowledge, and as much money. This means that space is largely left to those which deal with it directly.

As a result, potentially revolutionary ideas remain earthbound. If it were as easy to assemble satellites as Lego, and launch them as fast and easily as paper darts, many new ideas from quite different areas would find their way into space and quite likely revolutionise everyday life.

The idea of an optimally co-ordinated range of products and services that would demystify the term “rocket science” in the public mind led to the establishment of German Orbital Systems in 2014. The founders work in the chair of space technology at the Berlin University of Technology. There they have been actively involved in numerous projects in the field, during which they have also gained wide practical experience in the areas of the satellite electronics, software development, and structural mechanics and have carried out launch campaigns. They contributed to the TUBSAT and BEESAT series of satellites as well as to TechnoSat and TUBIN. Currently GOS hardware is also being used by other manufacturers such as Sputnix (TableSat Aurora) or BST (LEOS platform).



We have already been involved in a large number of projects and know the route from an idea to an operating satellite in orbit. We gladly pass this experience on to our customers and are so able to contribute to more successful missions.


We leave nothing to chance. Not only must our layouts function perfectly, they must also meet the highest visual requirements.


There is nothing that we like more than producing elegant and innovative solutions to apparently difficult problems. We observe our environment and put approaches from everyday life into orbit. That is what makes our products unique.


All modules are simulated or set up on breadboards and tested before beginning the production of prototypes. Components must demonstrate their dependability in automated long-term testing procedures. The tests are developed in parallel with the hardware and often even in advance.


We are one of the few companies worldwide which includes launches as well as satellites in its range of services. This means our customers can obtain everything from a single source. Planning is simplified, the organisation overhead is reduced and the entire project becomes cheaper!

In the coming years we shall extend our range of services with a range of different satellite buses. At the same time, we will be putting a lot of effort into delivering the high quality that our customers have come to expect.