CubeSat Missions

Tailored Turn-Key Missions based on heritage processes
German Orbital Systems has never been just “another” CubeSat manufacturer. From the very beginning we have focused on standardizing and harmonizing our internal processes instead of attempting to build multifunctional general-purpose hard- and software to meet the requirements of all potential customers at once. As a consequence, our systems remain adaptable and can be easily tailored to specific customer requirements even if those change during the project. We focus on customers, who are envisioning their first tech demo or aim to launch a small constellation. We are an ideal match for clients, who have novel, non-standard payloads and pursue innovative and unusual business ideas. Our approach allows us to offer tailored solutions at standard product costs. We help our customers to de-risk the first steps on the way to commercial viability and to accelerate their progress.

All GOS satellites are 100% ITAR free.

Our systems are typically handed over after a short LEOP as a working satellite in orbit. As a consequence, our turnkey missions consist of all required segments. In cooperation with our strategic partner EXOLAUNCH we offer special bundles, including space and launch segment. Significant cost savings are possible here. By design, all our satellites are 100% compatible with EXOLAUNCH’s EXOpod deployers. We can use the additional available space on the sides as well as inside the tuna-can which these remarkable devices offer to accommodate more customer payloads or e.g. larger deployables. For several customers we also take care of the operations and the downlink of the payload data. Typical realization timelines of turnkey missions are 8 to 14 months, from contract execution to satellite launch. In case of 3U platforms, shorter timelines are possible.

We can produce, assemble, test and deliver a 3U Satellite within 3 months

Currently, the majority of our customers requires 3U platforms. Up to three satellites of this type can be built and tested at our facilities in parallel. The platforms can be used e.g. for ADS-B signal monitoring, for remote sensing in different spectral regions (e.g. thermal infrared), for IoT applications and much more. They can be equipped with active AOCS based on reaction wheels but also with a new type of jitter free active AOCS based on so called fluid-dynamic actuators. This can be of advantage for missions using laser terminals or for precise orbit control maneuvers. The platform can be equipped with deployable arrays and different types of broadband transceivers. Depending on the customer requirements, our 3U satellites can be launch-ready within 3 months.

Based on the lessons learned from 9 CubeSat Missions in the 3U format, we have developed a new, advanced platform. The RAVEN platform is available as a 6U and as an 8U configuration. It is capable of carrying an electric propulsion and allows to accommodate up to 5U of payload excl. tuna-can. The internal components can be flexibly rearranged e.g. to host a telescope of 400 mm length.

Our RAVEN platform meets the highest power requirements in the segment

RAVEN is natively compatible with our ELSA-CS deployable array and as a consequence can meet the highest power requirements in the segment. It can also be equipped with the jitter-free AOCS based on fluid dynamic actuators – as the actuators are scalable by design.

RAVEN has been designed in parallel to the prolonged version of the EXOpod and is an ideal match for this separation system. All currently ongoing projects use either the 6U or the 8U version of RAVEN. Nevertheless, thanks to the engineering approach we use, the platform can be easily scaled up to 12U and 16U. Typical lead times for RAVEN-based satellites are 12-14 Months.

Customers which also require a sophisticated remote sensing payload can benefit from our wide network of partners. We can offer remote sensing payloads which are compatible with our platforms and cover almost every possible application. Please reach out and our sales team will contact you immediately to answer all your questions.

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