Building and launching a satellite is complicated enough. To be sure that you can use your product as planned, you have to coordinate the frequencies for data down- and uplink with the international telecommunication union (ITU). In cooperation with an external partner we offer our customers an all inclusive service for frequency coordination.

What you get:

  • Preparation of ITU/ IARU forms
  • Explanation of ITU procedures & timeline
  • Timely filing & coordination
  • No regulatory burden


  • Agreement with national authorization (support can be provided)
  • Specifications (e.g. datasheets) on ground station, satellite transceiver, antennas, satellite orbit
  • If Amateur-Satellite bands are used: Callsign, compliancy with Amateur-Satellite rules


Our partner for frequency coordination is a professional in the field of frequency coordination. He coordinated various satellite systems, amongst which are CubeSats from universities, satellites developed by national space agencies and nanosatellites from research institutes and SMEs. His focus are small satellites which have considerably short development timelines.

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